Luca's essay on "The Voice"

Thomas Hardy uses lots of literary terms in his poem "The Voice" but he focused on Imagery, Comparisons and alliteration to get the reader's attention.


First he used comparisons like "Saying you're not as you were" and "You, being ever dissolved to wan wistlessness" to give the reader a look about how bad he feels and how much he misses her.


Then he uses Imagery such as "Even the original air-blue gown!" to try to describe how beautiful Emma was and also imageries like "Thus; I faltering forward" to say it is hard to continue without her

Finally he uses alliteration like "... thin through the thorn from nor ward" to keep the reader's interest, to give some emphasis to the poem and to the fact that he realized his life continues.

In conclusion Thomas Hardy knows how to use literary terms to capture your attention and to interest you in the poem.