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6/7/2010 10:42:33 am

In my opinion, it is a romantic poem because it has their characteristics, like involving nature. Maybe the romanticism in this poem is about the writer that loves the nature and how it has it been created, everything it has, and does, he loves it. He is amazed at it, at how does it works and that everything is perfect, that it never ends, and wants to demonstrate it in this poem.


Richi Levene
6/8/2010 07:52:47 am

In my opinion, "On The Grasshopper And The Cricket" is a romantic poem beacause the author of the poem, describes everything as romantic, as Malaki said.He talks as poetry means music,he tlaks in a romantic way.
Richi Levene.

Gitika Manwani
6/8/2010 08:41:43 am

In my opinion this poem is a romantic poem.I agree totally with Malaki and Richi.The poem uses lots of Nature.He admires Nature, he loves it.In the poem he is amazed at so much perfection,those lovely melodies all around us.The poem tells us he likes it and he reflects on all those lovely things we live,see and hear in our daily life.In my opinion,it makes you feel alive,and it transmits you that amazement about Nature.It is totally incredible such facts as Nature,and the author wants the writer to understand it.I personally think, that he thinks we people in our daily life don't comment so much about Nature, but it is always present.So, he makes us, in a way, realize the Nature around us, that is a very important characteristic for the poem to be romantic.

malena di bella
6/10/2010 05:27:06 am

hi Pato, in my opinion it's a romantic poem for it's romantic features, nature. In the poem he explains nature, and in some way he shows love by the way he writes the poem and the way he (the author) express it self, and reflects
Good Luck, Malena

cande del carril
6/10/2010 06:15:31 am

yes, i think that it is a romantic poem, because it use a los of nature element, for example the trees, the grasshopper.

6/10/2010 06:40:29 am

yes i think that the poem is a romantic one because it shows many natural things

Joaquin gonzalez narvarte
6/10/2010 07:57:26 am

for me is a romantico poem, like some say, because he use nature and because he use the song and melody of this two insects

Pedro Nardi
6/10/2010 07:57:39 am

Yes, Because, in this poem the writer shows his love towards Nature in a very poetic way.

6/10/2010 07:58:05 am

i think that it is a romantic poem because in someway it talks about the writers love towards the nature and the poem also has some features of a romantic poem like Nature.

Chloe Taylor
6/10/2010 07:58:11 am

In my opinion is a romantic poem because it talks about nature, cirle of life and all that things.It shows us that the writer is very amazed about nature and specially about insects like the grasshopper and the criket and their fantastic sounds.

6/10/2010 08:08:28 am

For me it's a romantic poem because he describes nature in a romantic way, and because he explains the grasshopper and the cricket's music as a "romantic melody".

6/10/2010 08:22:37 am

in my opinion it is a romantic poem because it shows one of romanticism characteristics, nature. And our poem includes nature and the writter in a way is in love with it, he is really amazed.

Manuel Van Peborgh
6/10/2010 09:32:12 am

I think that ´On The Grasshoper and The Cricket´is a romantic poem because the writer describes nature in a very intense way and by intense i mean that the writer describes nature with words that express his love to it.

Lucio Urso
6/11/2010 07:06:59 am

is a romantic poem because it show the nature verry important and in a beatifull way saying about the nature do its own music.

Francisco Vazquez Avila
8/10/2010 02:06:05 am

In my opinion, 'On the Grasshopper & the Cricket' it's a romantic-type poem. He shows nature as something we have to preserve and care.

Diogenes Dietrich
8/10/2010 02:28:19 am

In my opinion, it is a romantic poem because of its characteristics like, for example, the way he expresses nature.


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