"A Poison Tree" What do you usually do to get over your anger? - Literature
Francisco Vazquez Avila
3/19/2010 01:32:16

When i get whith anger I count to ten, breath pausadly and that calms myself.


Gitika Manwani
3/19/2010 05:28:32

When I am very upset/angry I usually avoid thinking about it and try to do something that helps me to be able to take out from me all those feelings.
One option for these is to do sports(basketball,hockey,swimming,etc)As I do marcial arts,that was a great opportunity where I could go and just do movements of the class or punch the punching bag or maybe kick the punching bag,even break down the 'tablas',the hardest ones for the elder grades so i discharge even better and get tyred.
Other option would be to talk to someone ant tell that person why are you angry because that will help you to calm down or at least will help you to forget.
For me both work, I of course breath a lot but that calms me down but I am steel angry and that is why I use the other options.

Gitika Manwani

camila cincunegui
3/20/2010 03:48:39

when I get angry I like lieing in bed, thinking what happend and trying to find a solition. Sometimes I like crying too.

Cami Cincunegui.

Malaki Helou
3/20/2010 04:11:06

When i am angry, and i have a lot of anger inside myself y try to relax, to find the solution of the problem, talk with the person i am angry with, or just think in something else. But sometimes something annoys me so much that i cant think in something else and i have to try to calm down, and think in the gravity of what have just irritated me. Talking is the best solution. The wrath really ends! Or sometimes you just need time to think and forget everything.

milagros mosquera
3/21/2010 06:17:43

when i get angry first thing i do is stay away from the person i am fighting, because i get so mad that i can say things with no sense that can really hurt her/him. Once i am apart i try to calm down and reflect of what have just happend then i ask for a sorry. Although the anger doesnt stay in me for a long time the only thing i need for it to go away is a sorry.

malena di bella
3/21/2010 09:30:03

When I'm angry I usually write about it.
I write about my anger with someone, or talk to momo or dad. Mom and dad always give me good advices, and they are very important for me, because I know they understand my situation. Then I wait a couple of weeks and talk it to the person I was mad at, but sometimes I don't. People don't have to know everything that is in my mind.

Pedro Nardi
3/21/2010 09:36:49

When I get angry I:
[b].Count to 10 in my mind to calm myself[/b]
[b].I go out to distract myself[/b]
[b].I hit my pillow or anything padded[/b]

candelria del carril
3/21/2010 10:26:51

ussualy when y get angry i make the same mistake start to look the bad side of that person with who i am angry and criticize her/him, but then i realise that that person maybe is my friend, and she/he has a verry good side and that is because she/he is my friend. So now i am tryling to look a better way to Download my anger, like laying in my bed listen yo music and think on ather thing or thinkng the good thing she/he had made for me

Joaquin Gonzalez Narvarte
3/22/2010 07:32:33

When i get angry i usually go to my bed and said bad words or trie to relax

Marina menendez
3/22/2010 08:13:37

when i get angry i go to my room and try to calm down listening to music or i hit my pillow

lucio urso
3/22/2010 08:58:53

breaf and hit something

miranda correa
3/22/2010 09:14:34

when i get angry first i try to forget about it and try to calm down by thinking of things i love or talk about it with someone if that do not work i breath and start listening to my favorite music and sing at loud and at last i ignore the friend i am mad and if she or he ask for sorry it depends on the situation i forgive him or her or not

3/22/2010 09:54:56

I go to my room and y close my eyes, then Istar hiting my bed.

3/22/2010 10:07:35

When i am angry I ussualy talk with the person I'm angry with, I try to solve the problem talking. Other times I try to calm down by listening music or playing a videogame.

nacho salaverri
3/22/2010 11:45:45

i usually go to my room and do something fun, or watch tv, something to distract me. i´m used to get very angry with my parents for stupid things but i´m trying to improve in that.
see you,

Diogenes Dietrich
3/22/2010 11:53:11

When I get angry, in general I inevitably say bad words. In strange ocassions I try to relax by thinking it three times.

tomy posse
3/23/2010 02:43:49

i would kick my bed ,then i would kick my brother and then i would eat something to calm me dawn.

chloe taylor
3/23/2010 02:44:34

When i get angry i usually think on something good that happened to me, and try to relax. I always think that is part of life getting angry with someone because of something.

Nacho Achaval
3/23/2010 09:33:43

When im really upset, first thing i do is shout things an hit my brother, if i am still angry, then i probably would hit him more or watch TV but i usually calm down with my first hit.

Also, if my brother isent near me, i just try to calm myself down and avoid being expulsed from school.

tomas akrabian
3/23/2010 09:59:44

to get out of my anger, I usually hit a wall or my bed.

Ricardo Levene
3/24/2010 09:45:13

To qet rid of my anger i usually go to the computer or I watch tv, sleep but don`t harm my self as akrabian.


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