Luca Lombardo
3/22/2010 08:24:30 am

I don't know I ussually talk it with the person whom im angry with.

Ricardo Levene
4/20/2010 08:45:58 am

Question: Describe your feelings toward this poem
"Fix You"

This song or poem too makes you feel very good to help someone to succed at something or helping him or her in the problems they have, it´s emotive if you hear or read with attention or hear the lyrics.

achaval y tear bieri
8/17/2010 05:18:14 am

the link to the story "the fall of the house of usher" is:

Achaval and Tear Bieri
8/17/2010 05:33:54 am

Here is the link to the signalman, it looks like a mess up but it`s not, it just haves the dialogues separated and its much more clear to read the conversations:

catalina gomez roca y marina menendez
8/17/2010 05:34:32 am

What is a gothic story?

A gothic story is a story settled in a medieval era, with gothic architecture and it has different elements wich complete the gothic. Like in a gothic story it has to be romance and elements that doesnt exist in real life like ghosts, vampires and so on. Also they have to be supernatural powers.
It has to be dramatic, and in the story has to be depression. It also has to be written in a different time, in the story the background has to be gloomy, dark and scary.

In the story it always got to have a main character, who needs help from another person. It must be someone who tries to destroy the main character. Also the main character has to have a supernatural power wich helps he/her to do what he/her has to do. Some of the characters must be connected with the main character.
The main character has to be extremly beautyful, somebody has to be inlove with the main character he/she. Everything has to be connected with the story.

Marina menendez y catalina gomez roca.

Achaval and Tear Bieri
8/17/2010 05:52:46 am

Here are some names for the blog:








marina menendez y catalina gomez roca
8/17/2010 05:55:16 am

names for our web page A trip to the gothic
School. Of gothic
Nothing is what it seems to be...
Noticing the gothic stories
The world of gothic
There is nothing like this gothic
There is nothing like our gothic world
The dark side of the gothic literature

Lucio Urso y Diogenes Dietrich
8/24/2010 05:18:43 am


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