\"Fix You\" What do you think of this song? - Literature
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Francisco Vazquez Avila
4/23/2010 02:05:24 am

I think that coldplay (may be just the singer or the whole band) tries to say to an intimate friend that he will be by his side in his worst moments and try to ''fix him''


Gitika Manwani
4/25/2010 06:22:52 am

I think that the song/poem expresses what is happening to someone and makes you feel you are not alone, that when you think no one understands you there is actually someone who passed through the same thing or it is passing this moment same or even worst, and that person in the one that understands you and knows better than anyone what are you passing through.And maybe you don't believe it,you think you are in the worst situation or you are the only one who passes through this moments.I think that it also helps you to open your mind abnd see what happens to others, that maybe you are having a great time,you feel great but you don't appreciate the luck and great moments you have but when you come to know about what happens to others, in a way it also fixes you and helps you fix others.
I think that what Francisco said ir right too.

4/26/2010 08:32:19 am

I think that it was a song that is do to consolate the one that hearing it.

ricardo levene IIII
5/10/2010 06:17:54 am

i think it´s a bad song but talks about real problems.

5/19/2010 07:48:48 am

I don't like very much this song, but still I think it is very good in the poetic interpretation. I have an opinion very similar to the one of Fransisco.

5/20/2010 10:36:13 am

In my opinion it's a excellent song! You can know what's really feeling the author by reading the lyrics, he express himself in a very interesting way!

valentin tear bieri
5/20/2010 12:25:13 pm

i don´t like coldplay (more or less viva la vida) but this song say what the band feels,i think,and,in my opinion,they made this song for a friend that was having a bad moment.

catalina gomez roca
6/1/2010 07:33:28 am

really beautyfull i like because it makes me realise that im not the only one who have problems and always will be someone who can help us

Pedro Nardi
8/9/2010 06:28:24 am

I think it is "based" in a bad moment of a person and someone tries to help this person to "fix" that problem.


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